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OE Lido 2 Manual Coffee Grinder


The OE LIDO 2 manual coffee grinder is a very easy to use and aggressive hand mill. With exceptional build quality that will last a lifetime, the 48mm Italian-made steel conical burrs make quick work of coffee, delivering 20g in around 30 seconds (around four times faster than other hand coffee grinders). The large BPA-free plastic hopper holds 70g, plenty for a large batch of coffee.

The LIDO 2 is built with the same standards as grinders well north of $1,000.

  • There is an unobstructed open path to the burrs, allowing for 100% utilisation of burr capacity.
  • A dual axle system ensures complete shaft stability (maximising uniformity of ground particle size).
  • Finally, the step-less adjustment system allows for infinite variability in grind fineness.

The Lido 2 is an excellent grinder and a worthwhile addition to any pantry.

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Additional Info

We at Pilgrim Coffee are huge fans of the Lido 2 hand coffee grinder. The Lido 2 is an incredibly well-respected hand grinder, with a cultish following on the internet (see Reddit's r/coffee group for example).

What distinguishes the Lido 2 from other grinders (both hand and electric)? Basically:

  • Cost: The Lido 2 provides the grind quality of a grinder many times its price at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Stability: A dual bearing support system ensures shaft stability, meaning when you crank the grinder you won't wobble the shaft and make different sized grinds.
  • Quality: From the moment you hold it you'll know the Lido 2 is built to last. It will last. It is solid.
  • Efficiency: An unobstructed throughput mechanism distinguishes it from other electric burr grinders. Coffee will never be caught in the burrs or the chute.