Pilgrim Coffee's Privacy Policy

The Pilgrim Coffee Privacy Policy covers usage by all users of the app and/or website, APIs and other interfaces representing content in Pilgrim Coffee (referred to from here on as either 'us', 'we' or 'Pilgrim Coffee'). The privacy policy covers: those who do not hold accounts in Pilgrim Coffee, those who do hold accounts and those who consume and/or interact with information in Pilgrim Coffee through third party services through its application programming interface (API).

Non-account holders

You can browse city lists, cafe content, photos and articles without having an account. You can also customize your app in various ways, including marking cities and cafes as favorites. You can also request additions of new cities or cafes, give feedback (either privately or optionally sharing your email address) and link to our content.

While using the app as a non-account holder, we may record information such as: your location, cities viewed, cafes viewed, time spent browsing a city or cafe and other interactions with the app such as viewing photos, opening linked social media accounts etc. We may also record aborted attempts to log in. All of this information is collected for the purpose of improving app experience and feedback to cafes and users.

Account holders

Activities including adding new cafes, making edits to cafes or interacting with cafe content (by liking a cafe or sharing it with another Pilgrim Coffee user). When registering, we ask for a minimum of a username or email address along with a password. Users can also register through Facebook or other third-party authentication services offered from time to time, in which case email address is not mandatory (but will be read from your Facebook or other third party service profile if it is made public).

While using the app as an account holder, in addition to the information recorded as a non account-holder, we may record information such as: logins, edits made to existing cafes, new cafes added and all pertinent data fields for each cafe. For superusers/content editors we will also record cafes removed, cafes changed to 'Superstar' status, and other content only available to superusers. Any content added voluntarily to Pilgrim Coffee (including text and in the future images and animation) will become publicly available and able to be consumed by other users. We retain the right to modify, redistribute and publish any content that you add to the app indefinitely.

API users

The Pilgrim Coffee API (under development) will allow users of third party services (apps, sites and other interfaces) to consume and/or edit content in Pilgrim Coffee by searching for cafes, reading cafe data, liking cafes, editing existing content and adding new cafe information. Depending on the interface, users of those third party services may or may not have accounts with those services. Any content consumed through the third party services remains under the exclusive ownership of Pilgrim Coffee (except for third party content, as mentioned below). Any content contributed through the third party services (including text, media, recommendations etc.) and usage data (views, interactions etc.) remains available for the indefinite use (through editing, publication, redistribution) by Pilgrim Coffee.

Pilgrim Coffee reserves the right to distribute advertising content through its API alongside its own proprietary content.

Third party content

Content hosted by any third party services that is displayed through the app, including photo feeds from Instagram, social media feeds from Facebook or Twitter etc. remain under the privacy and intellectual property policies of those third party services.

Your personal data


Information that is used to identify you personally, including your name, username, email address or information related to your activity whether as an account holder or not will be for the exclusive benefit of Pilgrim Coffee only. All private information collected is used for the improvement of products and services we provide. We may use your online identity to directly market products or services either provided by Pilgrim Coffee or through an affiliated third party product or service provider, in an effort to keep the lights on. We will never give your email address away to other services and will always provide the right to opt out of marketing messages sent to you. 

We may use general usage information that does not identify individuals (for example, the number of times a cafe was generally viewed, or liked, etc.) in information and reports sent to cafes.

Your account information, including your username, activity and contributions may be provided to other users of the site, whether registered or not. This may include the date on which you opened your account, your most recent contributions etc. Other users may be able to contact you either by interacting with your content, tagging you, sending you messages or through other means. You may choose to voluntarily add personally identifiable information such as a photo, email address, your real name, home city or location to your profile. if you do so, Pilgrim Coffee reserves the right to publish such information on its site, through the app or through other means as it chooses. Personally identifiable information (pertaining to your identity or location) will never be provided without your explicit consent.

Third-party Advertisers, Links to Other Sites

Pilgrim Coffee does not currently have a third-party advertising program, but may add one in the future. At that point, we may allow third party advertisement servers/networks to directly send (either through our app or web page) advertisements to you. They will automatically receive your IP address when this happens, and may use other technology (cookies, JavaScript etc.) to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. We will not provide any personally identifiable information to these third-party ad networks without your consent or except as part of a specific program or feature for which you will have the ability to opt-in or opt-out.


For questions concerning privacy, the product or your account, please email us at hi@pilgrim.coffee.