Pilgrim Coffee Press Kit

Pilgrim Coffee is a coffee lover's travel guide to the world's best coffee. Land in a new city in a new country and find amazing coffee without resorting to combining blogs, lists, friends' recommendations and various local directory apps - find it all in one spot. And if you find something new - share it quickly and easily with the world. With nearly 2,000 cafes entered already, Pilgrim Coffee is on its way to being the most comprehensive guide to specialty coffee in the world.

One line description

An open-source, detailed guide to the world's specialty coffee - by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers.


  • 'This is shaping up to be the best global guide to specialty coffee yet.' - User
  • 'People sometimes ask me for a Tokyo coffee map, and I think it's a great idea, but I'm just too lazy. Pilgrim Coffee is working on an app for it. For most of Asia. Seems really promising'  - Hengtee Lim (Sprudge)
  • 'I can't tell you how often I've wished something like this existed.' - User

Launch details

Launching Friday, October 23 in Apple App Stores globally. Link (live from launch date): https://itunes.apple.com/app/pilgrim-coffee/id1000141356


About the author

Dana Hooshmand's passion for coffee is globally inspired. In Melbourne, Australia, he developed a passion for specialty coffee from the incredible coffee culture there. In Haifa, Israel, he wiled away many hours with locals of all backgrounds over late-night cardamon-infused brews. In Prato, Italy, he'd take every opportunity to speak to the local barista, Mario, over a macchiato and in Beijing, China he was forced to become his own supply, learning the art of buying green beans and roasting them at home then brewing coffee to perfection. In every city he travels to, he develops careful maps of cafes, roasters and green bean suppliers and cherishes interactions with locals over the unifying bond of coffee. He taught himself to make iOS apps with the express purpose of building Pilgrim Coffee, a vehicle for sharing this love with the world, and for others to share their love as well.

"It's an amazing thing, being able to connect with someone in a totally different part of the world, and despite linguistic and other cultural barriers being able to share something universal." he says. "I want to share this feeling with others, and I want others who have experienced it to share it as well." This is the genesis of Pilgrim Coffee - sharing happiness.