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Winning Aeropress recipes from the HK Aeropress Championships

Sometimes it's good to breakaway from the norm. I'm usually a traditionalist and use one of the Aeropress recipes from iconic roasters as a starting point, but I've noticed some distinct trends of award-winning recipes. They tend to use

  • A far lower temperature
  • More water:coffee
  • Longer brew times

So I decided to try some out, starting with my current home town of Hong Kong. Here are the winning three from the Hong Kong Aeropress Championship.

1st place - Chan Tin Lok


  • 260ml water at (85°C)
  • 17.5g coffee

(water:coffee ratio = 14.9:1. Total brew time ~2m20)


  1. Pour 60ml water in the Aeropress for pre-infusion, stir 10 times
  2. Add 60ml water over 20 seconds, then stir 10 times
  3. Add remaining 140ml water over 40 seconds
  4. Press slowly over 1 minute

Note: This recipe was posted on their site as being 280ml, however adding up the sub-quantities ends up at 260ml.

This one's my favorite for its simplicity, not just because it happened to win. I usually up the dose to 18.5 or 19g, to compensate for the greater proportion of fines in my non-professional home grinder.

Runner-up: Lam Yuen Sim


  • 23g coffee
  • 230g water (78°C)

(water:coffee ratio = 10:1. Total brew time ~ 1m30)


  1. Sift the ground coffee to eliminate fines, separate into coarse and fine grounds
  2. Rinse filter paper
  3. Place the Aeropress in regular position
  4. Add coarse grounds
  5. Add 230g water in 20 seconds
  6. Add fines in 40 seconds and stir 2-3 times
  7. When timer reaches 1m15, press the Aeropress over 15 seconds

This recipe requires the use of a sieve, which I heartily believe in but which is impractical for most home brewers. I have one available but even I can't be bothered most of the time!

2nd runner-up: Nip Wai Lun's


  • 18g coffee
  • 245g water

(water:coffee ratio = 13.6:1, total brew time ~4m)


  1. Place the Aeropress upside down & rinse double filter papers
  2. Add 18g coffee & 100g water in 93℃, then cover to maintain temperature
  3. When temp drops to to 89°C add 145g water in 88℃, and cover again
  4. Wait until the process has reached 3.5 minutes, then install filters and cap
  5. Place the Aeropress upside down and press over 30 seconds

Definitely the most complex recipe of the three. It produces a clean and interesting cup, but it's not terribly practical to replicate every day!