Cafe Reviews

Finally: Dandelion & Driftwood, Brisbane (Australia)

It's another place I've wanted to visit for years.

It's always closed around Christmas/New Year, the time I'm normally in Brisbane. A cheeky mid-year trip means I could visit Peter and Penny Wolff's coffee institution, Dandelion & Driftwood, in Hendra. This place has won a ridiculous number of awards (best cafe, best roaster, best coffee in Brisbane etc...) and deserves them - it was one of the first specialty coffee places (opened in Dec 2010) in a city that used to be a coffee desert.

The piccolo. Pretty spectacularly done.

The even more spectacular but less photogenic Chemex pour-over

You don't even have to ask how the coffee is, so I won't bother saying anything more than it's spectactular, as you'd expect. How much you'd like this place really depends on how much you like the beans they happen to have at any given point (which are always good, but they change and tastes vary) and what you think of the atmosphere.

The beans are sourced directly by Peter and Penny, and roasted for other cafes in their spin-off roaster Wolff Coffee Roasters. They also sell beans in-store - I took some home (and failed to replicate how well they did it). There's always the house blend, a single origin espresso and a third option on the grinders, and for filter coffees there's an even wider range. They'll brew you a Chemex, an Aeropress, other filter coffees... even using the Transformers-esque Bunn Trifecta which is cooler than it sounds (or looks). I mean, it's all filter. But give it a shot.

The space isn't huge - it's centred around a communal table, with other small tables for maximum two people. There's a bench by the window too. So it's intimate - don't go with a big group. If you do linger a while you can enjoy the food menu - a good set of brunch and lunch options as well as sweets from the cake stand out near the till.

D&D is a Brisbane institution and worth a visit. Open seven days a week from 8am (closing 4pm Mon-Sat, 2pm on Sun) at 45 Gehler Rd, Hendra. It's on the way from the airport. So go straight there if you can, like I did.