Cafe Reviews

Great coffee, delivered: Beancurious (Hong Kong)

Last month I ran out of coffee at home. I thought: 'Never again'.

A few months earlier, I had received a free sample of 50g of roasted coffee from Beancurious. At the time, I thought 'what a cool promotion!' Obviously. Free coffee! I was even more impressed when the had sample arrived. Not only was it great coffee (something that needn't even be mentioned if I'm writing about it), but it was well-presented and efficiently delivered with a nice accompanying note.

So, in my despair last month at all the local roasters being closed, my old stash of green beans having gone stale and not being able to find Mark from GFT down the hall for a sample from some microlot in who-knows-where, I decided to sign up to their monthly service. Great decision.

Ethiopian Sidamo front bag label. Nice design!

For a paltry $180 a month, Beancurious sends you 400g. That's about $110 for 250g. For comparisons sake, it's hard to get a 250g bag for less than $150 - IN STORE. Some will have coffee for this cheap, but it won't be very good quality. Beancurious sends you great coffee at a great price - DELIVERED.

Coffee #1 is a lightly roasted Ethiopian Sidamo. It has everything I expect in a good Sidamo - fruity sweetness and that crisp blueberry aroma that drives me nuts. No complaints. This is good coffee. The beans are roasted in Hong Kong by a local roaster, so you're supporting multiple local businesses in one hit!

Sidamo back label. A quality bag, good description and even nice lettering.

Aside from good coffee, Beancurious gets the small things right, too. Every pack comes in a valve-sealed metallic package with a roast date clearly marked (I got mine a couple of days after roasting - just ready to go). There's attractive logotyping and other design flourishes. Beancurious is actually run out of a design studio, Kobo Design, so I wouldn't expect anything less than high attention to detail. Beancurious is a labour of love for Sean Okihiro's team at Kobo, and you can see they put their hearts into it.

I signed up to 400g because that's as much as I need per month while allowing me to try plenty of other coffees (I go through about 40-60g a day, depending on the day), but they offer subscriptions from as little as 200g and up to as much as 800g, at varying levels of value. So there's one for everyone.

I totally recommend this service for anyone who likes good beans, good value and likes to be surprised by something new. Hit them up at their website and sign up.