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"Check out PCP" - Paramount Coffee Project Review (Sydney, Australia)

After a good coffee anywhere, I always ask a good barista or cafe owner where I should go next. 'Check out PCP' is all they said this time (at Salvage on the North Shore). Because apparently every person knows Paramount Coffee Project place by its acronym 'PCP' alone.

The acronym'd Paramount Coffee Project from the outside

Let's get the blindingly obvious out of the way: the coffee was great. I asked for a pourover of their 'Carmen estate' coffee roasted by Reuben Hills up the road. It was great - buttery and warm with an almond finish. Slightly tart, which is a fairly common trait with lightly roasted coffees these days.

The coffee at PCP. Sweet pink ceramic cups too

The space at PCP is not really what I expected. I didn't realise why it was called a 'project' until I got there. It's based the industrial space in the Paramount building, and has been implemented as a project implemented by Russell Beard of Reuben Hills and Mark Dundas of Seven Seeds. Without knowing more, this might be due to conditions on their lease, or its temporary nature. Nonetheless, while it's there, PCP is a charming spot, well-lit and totally appetising for a daytime coffee.

PCP's main coffee and pastry bar

One thing that PCP does a little differently is their brew bar. While PCP rotates between roasters for most of their blends, its proprietors likes to choose green beans to send out to roasters, and then show the different roasters' interpretations of the same blend for customers willing to try something a little different. It's an interactive and fun thing to do, more about talking about coffee with someone (or the barista) than talking about anything else. But what else would you talk about in a place like this, anyway.

Paramount Coffee Project's specialty brew bar

PCP is decorated with hipster stuff, like bicycles and artworks. It adds to the character.

Hipster stuff like you know, bicycles

PCP is definitely worth visiting, then revisiting every few weeks when they rotate to new coffees. It's open every day from 730am-4pm at 80 Commonwealth St in Surry Hills.