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Cafe review: Brew or Drip (Central, Hong Kong)

FInally, some decent coffee in this part of the Landmark complex. I came across this oddly-named and located cafe bar totally by chance (not sure how else you could) in the otherwise clinically soul-less Chater House (the 'Armani' building) in Central Hong Kong. I noticed they had a number of options... somewhat confusingly, for a place named 'Brew or Drip', the options are 'black, white or drip'. What if I want a black drip brew? What's 'white'? Nonetheless, 'drip' is (again) a pretty good indicator of someone who knows what they're doing, so even though it was 5pm I decided to give it a crack.

I spent most of the time talking to the baristas and understanding why they chose to come here, what beans they serve, how they prepare it... the staff I spoke too seemed to know the process but not too much of the background, so I gathered they were not the owners. Nonetheless, the V60 pourover was done well, with attention to quantities and pour technique, though not necessarily with a tremendous attention to detail. It was an example of a coffee bar that didn't screw it up, which unfortunately is a bar that most don't reach. Man, this coffee wasn't cheap at 60 HKD, but that's driven in part by the massive price of real estate in the area. I'd definitely be getting there more if I were still a suit in the area, and didn't want to sit down, I suppose.

Check them out at Landmark Chater House on the 1st floor, opposite Loro Piana. They're open Mon-Fri 7:30am-730pm, and even on the weekends from 10am-6pm. Standing room only.