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Cafe review - Merriweather, Brisbane (Australia)

Merriweather - Cafe on the corner in Brisbane

Merriweather cafe is a sleepy sleeper of a suburban cafe in South Brisbane that punches way above the weight class you'd think it's in from its quiet, simple presentation. Merriweather is owned by Josh Russell, who also started and owned specialty roaster Cup Coffee before it was acquired by Coffee Supreme in late 2014 as part of their expansion plans. Josh is a young gun (from what I read), a stand-up member of the Australian coffee community, and his passion for quality product and produce shows in the cafe's presentation, drinks and food line-up. An illuminating article from Sprudge early last year says about him:

... [Josh says] in the beginning of Cup, it was all about chasing flavour and pursuing great coffee with all sorts of fancy equipment, but now he sees things a bit differently. “Good coffee is much more than how it tastes,” he writes. “Rather, good coffee is strong relationships… it’s putting the people before the product.”
— Sprudge, November 12, 2014 by Eileen P. Kenny

Don't worry, Josh still uses high end equipment to 'chase flavour'. Their Spirit espresso machine is constantly on the boil, even on quiet public holidays. They also brew in the traditional methods. I had a Clever Dripper, again choosing something I could replicate at home, not having a Slayer lying around

Latte and Clever Dripper at Merriweather

The coffee used was a Kenyan that really shone in the Clever Dripper. I didn't take down notes, but generally I remember if something's done well... the rest is up to the bean itself! Anyway, what am I going to note down? 'Delicious'? Duh. Who cares what the coffee tastes like... chances are next time I'm back there they'll have a different coffee and I'll ask for it to be made another way.

Interestingly, the recipe they used was a faster brew with a finer grind: 13 grams of coffee, 220 grams of water at 96 degrees C brewed for 2:00 before the drop. It came out terrifically. The latte also looked well executed (I didn't try it).

If you're in the area, then get over there. If you're not in the area, then get to the area.