V60 recipes from iconic roasters

I collect V60 recipes. From the web, from hearsay and from baristas. Some of the best recipes are on Brewmethods. But I much prefer the approach of asking baristas how they brew, and trying to replicate their methods. Here are three recipes from a few iconic roasters.


For all methods, make sure you do the following prep:

  Equipment needed for the V60. (Courtesy of Heart)

Equipment needed for the V60. (Courtesy of Heart)

  • Use a #1 or #2 v60 cone and filter (either bleached or unbleached)
  • Use a 0.1g scale and thermometer to accurately measure weight and temperature.
  • Rinse the filter thoroughly with boiled water into the cup, then throw the water away, to leave the filter, v60 and cup all pre-warmed. (Temperature shocks can negatively affect coffee.) 
  • Ensure bed of grinds is even
  • Pour slowly and steadily - water should fall straight down (not at an angle).
  • Focus the pour on the centre but saturate all grounds. Don't pour down the sides, only go there enough to dislodge unsaturated grounds.

The guides

Heart roasters (US)

Heart recommends a stir at the beginning and at the end, for even saturation. Their water:coffee ratio is 16:1.

  • 22g coffee
  • Water 93-96 C (200-205 F)
  • Pre-infuse with 40-50g water poured in 10 seconds, stirring with spoon/stick, 20 seconds for degas
  • Pour water to 360g, water not going far above coffee line, pouring within 1:50 - 2:00
  • At finish point, stir to remove grounds from side - don't leave any above water line
  • Total brew time: 2:20 to 2:30

Barefoot coffee (US)

Barefoot uses a 'spin' to saturate. Their water:coffee ratio is 14:1.

  • 24g coffee, ground to table salt texture
  • Pre-infuse with 30ml at 96 degrees C (204 F). Spin to saturate, and wait 30-50 seconds for bloom to settle
  • Add further 300ml, starting aggressively to break crust, continue pouring keeping 50% of cone filled with water
  • Total brew time: 2:15 to 2:35 min

Square Mile (UK)

Square Mile's method is quite traditional, with a 60g coffee/litre of water (16:1 water:coffee ratio) recommended. Bearing this in mind, their recipe is (for a 250g cup)

  • 15g coffee, on a 'medium' setting (caster sugar)
  • Use 250g filtered water with low mineral content, at 20-30 seconds off boil (this would be 95-97 C, or 203-207 F)
  • Pre-soak coffee with just enough to get wet, then wait 30 seconds for bloom
  • Slowly pour the remainder of the coffee until complete

Ozone (UK)

Ozone has a very precisely timed method, and also recommends hot water. Their water:coffee ratio is an unusually diluted 19:1.

  • 15g grounds
  • 280 ml water 'just off the boil' (98C or 208F)
  • Pre-soak with 30g water, allow to bloom for 45 seconds
  • At 45 second mark, pour 120g water
  • At 1:15, pour another 50g water
  • At 1:45 pour another 40g
  • At 2:15 pour the final 40g, wait until all water has passed through, and serve.

Stumptown (US)

Stumptown likes to agitate during the bloom for their brew method. Water:coffee ratio is  17:1.

  • 21g coffee ground to 'kosher salt' coarseness
  • 360g water at 96 degrees C (30 seconds off boil)
  • Bloom with 60g water poured in 10 seconds, blooming up to the 45 second mark, agitating with a chopstick or spoon.
  • Total brew time 2.5 to 3 minutes

Five Senses (Australia)

Five Senses recommends adjusting the grind to get to a 3:00 to 3:30 target brew time. Their water:coffee ratio is 15:1.

  • 20g coffee
  • 300g water heated to 96 degrees C (205 F)
  • Bloom with 50g water poured in 10-15 seconds, allowing to bloom to 30 second mark
  • Pour to 150g, up to the 1:00 mark, using pour to drag down all floating grinds
  • Before drain (never allow grinds to be dry), top up to 250g with same even flow. 
  • Before drain again, top up to 300g
  • Total time 3:00 to 3:30. Adjust grind to get to target time.

Seven Seeds (Australia)

Seven Seeds' recipe is a smaller serving size. Their water:grinds ratio is 15:1.

  • 13 g coffee (slightly coarser than sand)
  • 200g water at 97 degrees C (207 F), 45-60 seconds off boil
  • Pre-infuse with 30g water, stirring gently for saturation, waiting 30 seconds for bloom.
  • Add another 100g water, wait until has almost totally drained through
  • Add remainder of water
  • Total brew time: 2:15 to 2:45 mins.

Intelligentsia (US)

Intelligentsia's guide is interesting. The smallest size is for a large cup (about a 400ml cup of coffee). Water:coffee ratio is 16:1.

  • 26g of coffee in a sand-like grind
  • 415g of water almost straight off the boil (96-98 degrees C)
  • Bloom using 52g water for one minute
  • Continue pouring in stages 70-100g at a time
  • Finish brew when stream slows to occasional drip

Dukes (Australia)

I like the Dukes' method for pushing the envelope, if slightly. They recommend creating a 'vortex' with the water to push it through the bed, and use 98 degrees. The water:coffee ratio is a traditional 16:1.

  • 12g coffee ground to medium coarseness (sea salt)
  • 200ml water at 98 C (208F) - hotter than average
  • Pre-infuse with 40g, agitating four times, blooming for 30 seconds
  • At 30 second mark add 60g water
  • At 1 minute mark, add 100g more water. After adding, stir around edge to create a vortex, drawing coffee through the bed.