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Café review: Journeyman, Windsor (Australia) review

Journeyman was surprisingly hard to find, for somewhere so central. Because, it turns out, it only recently started to exist. Journeyman, previously known as Dukes Coffee Roasters, was bought out by a couple in Dec '14. Previously their flagship cafe, I was told Dukes sold it out so they could focus on other aspects of their business and let someone love their cafe as they always had. It was only two weeks after the handover that I stopped in (mid December), and nothing had changed - and that's a good thing.

The coffee

 Batch brew at Journeyman. Still served in a Dukes cup.

Batch brew at Journeyman. Still served in a Dukes cup.

Journeyman serves Dukes (unsurprisingly) beans. They're a full service cafe with a plethora of Aussie brunch options, but they still serve up the full gamut of coffee drinks (espresso and other). I'm a huge fan of the counter-trend in coffee to go back to basics and do things the way they were originally done, only with the benefit of a scientific approach. Batch brew (often done in cafes in a Technivorm) is in vogue now. It sounds fancy and new, but frankly it's just filter coffee made in a machine - albeit a better one than most to use. I was happy to see that Dukes had a batch of their La Fany roast on tap, for a reasonable (these days) price of $3 a cup. (Again, c.f. brewed coffee prices in the US which are typically $1 or $1.25 - you'd assume that the 200% markup is in... more expensive beans? Unlikely. But it's delicious. And we should be paying more for coffee, anyway.)

The Atmosphere

 Ambience at Journeyman (sorry for the blur)

Ambience at Journeyman (sorry for the blur)

Journeyman is not the kind of place you crack out a laptop. Maybe a phone if you're bored, but it's a very social place. It's buzzing. Everyone was there with someone else (including me). Normally, in a place this busy, you wouldn't have a chance of talking to a roaster or barista about what's available. Not here. All I had to do was go and look over at the beans for a minute (I suppose not something most people do in a 'brunch'-oriented atmosphere) and someone came over and struck up conversation about the differences and what worked best with what brew method. It's one of the things I love most about suburban cafes.

 Map to Journeyman. Courtesy of  their website .

Map to Journeyman. Courtesy of their website.

Journeyman is at 169 Chapel St (just south of High St, on the west) in Windsor. They're open 7 days - Mon-Fri from 6am to 4pm, and on Sat/Sun from 7am to 4:30pm.