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Cafe review: The Grounds of Alexandria (Sydney)

 Pour over from The Grounds

Pour over from The Grounds

I know, I'm like the 20 millionth Australian to discover The Grounds of Alexandria, a lavish roaster, bakery, restaurant and cafe located in Sydney's inner east. Being relatively close to where I'm staying in Sydney, and having not gone, I decided to give it a try.

You go to the grounds for: the gorgeous, lush ambience, and the informative roasters and baristas. For the first, you stay outside. For the second, you get in as far as possible.


Hack the system: If you want good coffee at The Grounds, go directly to the main coffee bar (away from the pastries) and speak to the baristas or the roaster. I did, and got valuable of information like 'I just roasted a fresh batch of such-and-such and it's going to be amazing' and also some detailed information on which beans taste like what, and how they might best be served. This was in high contrast to the servers who were more order-takers and really didn't know what the differences between the beans were, and only knew the differences in presentation between the drinks (i.e. one wasn't really sure what the tasting plate had). So - talk to the barista.

I tried the Colombian that they had, which was from the Vereda Buenavista region. It was ripe, fruity and a little tart, and poured expertly. I asked for this bean on talking to the roaster Nick who recommended it as an unusually interesting Colombian (a region known for producing coffees that are quite traditional, or as one taster hilariously put it, 'coffee-like' in aroma). It was done very well despite the incredible busy-ness of the cafe and the diverse focus on coffee, food and sweets.

Definitely worth a visit - find a time when it's not packed.

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