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Cafe Review: Axil Coffee Roasters, CBD (Melbourne)

There's no place to sit at this ultra modern Melbourne bar, but you stay as long as you can stand anyway. Axil is an energetic and still thoughtful coffee bar at the Paris end of Little Collins in the CBD, serving espresso drinks and others too. They also always have an interesting range of roasts on offer and diverge from the crowd favorites, delivering warmer and richer espressos than the tart, acidic shots on offer in most cafes on the scene now. 

But seriously, coffee schmoffee. Check out the incredible free poured latte art by the chief coffee pourer, Matthew:

Who free-pours a SWAN??! All the drinks (espresso - it's all I thought they had!) looked gorgeous. Maybe because they were freshly served. Such a treat to be right at the bar as the barista expertly pulls the shots. Why sit when you can stand?

I was chuffed that he doesn't just encourage photography, he asks you to tag him on Instagram! Check out Anthony Douglas' page here. Some amazing work. 

Even though it was 30mins to closing, the staff had energy to spare and took us through their menu of drink and bean options. The current espresso blend is an even mix of unwashed, honey processed and washed beans and has a warm, complex taste that is distinguished from the SO espresso trend. I couldn't taste it clearly in the latte, but didn't care because that swan was just so damn impressive. Their beans are fresh and provided in rich variety, more than the in vogue crowd favorites, and delivered in an unpretentious zip lock bag. 

 Axil Coffee

Axil Coffee

Axil is a winner at this end of town and maybe all over the grid. I'd go back for the latte art alone.