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Cafe Review: 18 Grams Coffee Roastery Lab, Wan Chai (Hong Kong)

I'm a little surprised more people don't know that 18 Grams opened up its 'Roastery Lab' in Wan Chai on 1 June 2015. It's an instant rockstar in Hong Kong and worth a visit.

The 18 Grams Roastery Lab houses a mini roaster, and comprises part of their roasting operation. Here they showcase some of their best coffees, done for you as espresso drinks (using the San Remo Opera... man they look cool! You don't see them around much, either), or pourovers or a number of specialty drinks, including nitro cold brew. There's also a full menu of brunch and lunch-type foods. But principally, this is a coffee joint, and it won't disappoint - I won't labour over the tasting profiles etc. etc. of the various coffees because once you pass a certain threshold of coffee-centricity you just have to give up and assume everything is awesome or maybe someone had an off day or maybe you have no idea yourself what you're talking about. Sometimes the product doesn't jibe with the customer. Sometimes it really does. The point is, this is one of those spots where they're likely enough to get it right that you shoudl make a visit.

The coffee bar downstairs

The view from outside, if you can't find it.

Downstairs there are a few compact tables for two (or maybe 4 if you squeeze in), and a bar around which you can sit and nerd out with the barista. Try to hold yourself back from ordering a few extra things. It's just there.

Go upstairs for the...

... Roaster! Also another more relaxed dining/lounging space, not pictured.

Basically, 18 Grams is definitely on my list of must-visit coffee venues in Hong Kong and one that's going to remain in superstar status on our Pilgrim Coffee app until it burns down.