This is the log of a small group of coffee lovers and their quest for the perfect cup. We share with you our quest for quality and sustainability in coffee, examining origins, roasts, cafes and brews.

We are based in Australia, the US, China and the Middle East and write about everywhere we go. 

Why coffee?

Coffee links us all. A quarter of the world drinks it regularly. It came from Africa and the Middle East, two areas most people don't think of influencing their day to day life as much as it does. It is drunk everywhere - and is becoming more popular even in traditional strongholds of other drinks like China and India. There is a beauty in its simplicity - it is just beans in water - and its complexity, in the intricate dance of distinct flavours that can be elucidated in the perfect cup. It's this desire to connect with the origins, the flavours, the people and the stories that intertwine them all that inspired us to create Pilgrim Coffee.

What do you know about coffee?

As with many disciplines, coffee is an infinite rabbit hole. There is so much to learn and share about sourcing, roasting and brewing. As in all disciplines I will forever be only at the beginning of the journey. Nevertheless, I don't share this information with the air of a wizened expert who is retiring after decades in the business - I want to share the journey and walk along it together with you. That said, I have been buying green beans, roasting and brewing in more ways than most for many years and have accumulated a pile of stories along the way.

What's next?

We want more people to enjoy coffee in all its forms. To this end we will be developing a series of products and services, but will need your help to do so. Email us at any time if you have any ideas.


 Dana at  Proud Mary  in Collingwood in Melbourne, Australia.

Dana at Proud Mary in Collingwood in Melbourne, Australia.

Dana Hooshmand

Dana is the chief architect of Pilgrim Coffee. He has loved coffee for as long he has known it was a thing. After moving away from his main supply source of specialty coffee and award-winning baristas in Melbourne in the 2000s, he learned to buy his own green, roast and brew as well as possible with equipment anyone can afford. He loves photography, anything beautiful and sharing his passions with the world.

See Dana's Facebook page, LinkedIn, Quora profile and other projects here and here.

Over time we will introduce more guest authors. The first author we have had to date is Na'im Samimi-Moore (LinkedIn, Twitter), a talented writer, photographer and jokester who lives in Beijing, China and is from too many places to succinctly summarise (but sort of Alaska).